Thursday, 30 January 2014


I don't have a reason for this post, I just thought I'd like to share what music I listen to and love.
Now, I've probably got the one of the strangest music tastes in the world, if I had to choose my favourite genre, I'd say rock, but I literally love a little bit of everything! 
My top 10 favourites artists/bands include:
Aerosmith, John Mayer, Jessie J, Gabrielle Aplin, Katy Perry, Nirvana, Deaf Havana, Metallica, Calvin Harris and Bruno Mars!

I've seen many artists in concert before and I'm definitely happiest when I'm at a concert, there's just something about being wedged in between sweaty people and screaming lyrics until your voice is gone that is just truly magical. Most concerts I've been to were pop concerts, mainly because my friends are only really into that kind of music so I find it hard to get someone to a rock concert with me. 
Artists I've seen before include: One Direction, Bruno Mars, Katy Perry, Jessie J x2, Justin Bieber (cringe), McFly x2, Calvin Harris, Little Mix, All Time Low etc. 
Some of my favourite photos I've taken

However this year I plan on seeing: McBusted, Deaf Havana, All Time Low (again yes), 5 Seconds of Summer, Katy Perry (yep, again) and the biggest one of all being AEROSMITH *screams* along with Alter Bridge, Steel Panther and some amazing other artists at Download Festival! 
Since this festival is taking place in Derby, which is rather far away from me, it will be pricey and my friend isn't certain she is going to get time of work this is just a maybe, for now. I'm a massive Aerosmith fan and have obsessed over them for years now and I'm just so excited that they're going to be playing in the UK, I'm just hoping that this plan goes forward and I do actually get to go!

Sorry I just had to share this photo because Katy Perry & Steven Tyler ♥♥♥

Anyway, if you're interested in what I listen to on a daily basis, follow me on Spotify!

Leave me comments!
I'd love to know who you've seen live, who you're going to see live or simply just who you love listening to!


  1. You have a really good taste in music. I absolutely love Gabrielle Aplin and have fun seeing 5sos this year. :)

  2. thanks! oh my gosh, isn't she brilliant!? I don't think I'm going to get to see 5sos anymore :(