Sunday, 26 January 2014

I love Sunday...

I know many people hate Sundays as they normally consist of waking up hungover and some people find the day really boring or even stressful in some cases, as people are trying to get last minute homework or chores done! 

Even though that has been me on many occasions, I still love Sunday, I just think it's the one day I truly have a good lie-in and just relax.

Almost every Sunday me & my family go round to my Nanna & Grandar's house for our Sunday Dinner and just a general catch up and visit, so that's what I mainly love really.

So today, I did exactly that! I'm a very lazy person and I enjoy lounging around so that is what I did.
When I get home from my Nanna & Grandar's, typically, I put on my pyjamas and snuggle into bed and listen to music or watch TV, sometimes I'll tidy my room or do something productive but that's rare to be honest...

This is a link to my Sunday playlist on Spotify, so if you're a Spotify user go give it a listen, you might even like it!

Hope you're enjoying your Sunday!

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