Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Tutorial: Covering Red Spots...

I think most of us suffer from giant red spots now and again (or  like me, all the time) they're annoying, they're unattractive and when we have them we just wish they would go away! 

Firstly, I just want to recommend that you use some sort of spot treatment to actually help kill the spots and not just cover them and potentially worsen them! But they don't disappear overnight and always show up when you least want them, so hopefully this will help you make the invisible!☺

To start, you should use a primer to make sure that they stay covered all day, I would recommend Benefit's Porefessional (£24.50, 22ml) as this minimizes the pores as well as keeping your make up in place! Then, one of the most important steps; use a Green Concealer, why? Because green is opposite to red on the colour wheel so putting this over any redness will help balance it out, I used SBC however I'd recommend Natural Collection Corrector Stick (£1.99, Boots) be careful to not over-do it because you don't want to look like the Hulk! Just lightly dab it on over any red patches. ☺
Once you've made your spots green then dab on a normal concealer that matches your skin tone. I don't recommend Benefit's Boi-ing, just use a one that you like as this step isn't too important.

Now that your base is done, go in with your foundation, I would use a medium to high coverage foundation just to ensure that those spots get covered, I really recommend L'Oreal True Match (£9.99) as it is gives a fantastic coverage and is also has a slight matte finish, I would use a make up sponge to apply foundation over spots as you don't want to brush your base off. 
Afterwards I'd recommend using the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer (£4.19) this is the best concealer I've ever tried, it's not too thick, not too drying and the colour matches perfectly, it's just amazing, especially for the price! The finally step is powder, I use Rimmel Stay Matte (£3.99) this is fantastic, it just gives you that nice matte finish at the end and will cover spots up even more, keeping your spots looking matte is important as it's going help control oily-ness throughout the day!

Ta-Dah! Now nobody will have to know about that giant red spot you're hiding!☺

Leave me comments about how you cover/rid spots or even tell me if you decided to give my tutorial a go!



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  2. Great post! This was very helpful, I've been having problems covering up mine :D