Saturday, 15 February 2014

Models Own Review...

So recently Models Own had a 50% off sale when they hit 250k likes on Facebook so I took advantage a little and ordered a few bits:

This is what I ordered (along with something for my friend for her birthday which I won't post for obvious reasons). First of all, I was so pleased with how fast my order came, it only took about 3 days and delivery was only around £3-£4, also the packaging is so pretty and all my items were securely wrapped which makes the delivery price worth every penny!☺

Cerise Shine £5
 So Models Own have just very recently launched their 'HyperGel' range, which I can't help but compare it to the Barry M Gelly nail varnishes, the colours are all very similar to Barry M and even the formula is similar, however I love the packaging & the brush better than Barry M, I was stuck for choice on what colour to buy so I went for this very girly pink 'Cerise Shine' as I don't own many pink colours so I ventured out my comfort zone a little. Overall I'm really please with this nail varnish, it ticks all the boxes in terms of high shine, long lasting and fast drying, I highly recommend! ☺

Obsidian £5
I actually only bought 2 nail varnishes for myself which is strange as I have a little addiction but all the colours I wanted to try were sold out (grrr) so secondly I got this black glitter varnish in 'Obsidian' from the Velvet Goth range, the bottle itself is so pretty, the lid is actually a velvet texture which really makes me love this even more. Unlike some glitter varnishes you don't need to put too many coats on for it to look amazing, I also found it easier to remove compare to other glitters I've tried. 

Eye Shadow Shading Brush £4
Next, I bought this Eye Shadow Shading Brush, I've been after a good shading brush for a while and when I came across this in the sale I had to buy it! This brush is perfect for blending eye shadow into your crease, its the perfect size and perfect texture, I don't feel the need to go on about this too much, if you're after a good eye brush, just go buy this one, you can't go wrong for £4!☺

Make Up Blending Sponges £8
So after seeing the beauty blender and all sponges in this shape being so raved about I had to try some! I didn't want to splurge on an original beauty blender as there are so many dupes just as good (apparently) when I found these I didn't hesitate buying them. However, I think they're a major disappointment! I've use these to blend foundation & concealer, but I just find that they totally absorb all your make up rather than blending it out they steal it all! I really don't see the hype about these at all, which is a shame because they look so pretty in your make up bag too!

Hope you enjoyed this post and that it was somewhat helpful to you!
Feel free to leave any comments ☺


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