Monday, 10 February 2014

Tutorial: Brightening Dark Eyes...

I suffer from really dark under eyes and over the years I've tried so many things to help rid them and hide them, I've eventually found a routine that I love to help brighten my eyes and make them look nicer and even younger!☺
My top tip would definitely be moisturise! I think the main reason my eyes were so dark was because I never use an eye cream or anything in fact, I always kind of neglected them a little. Since using an eye cream I noticed a different within a week, they looked so hyrdated & youthful! I'm currently using Guinot Hydrazone Yeux which is available in certain salon's, you can also purchase this online at (£30.49, 15ml) this is the only eye cream I have tried and I highly recommend it, it is worth every penny!
I haven't tried any drug store eye creams, however I have tried roll on's but I find these sting my eyes and are very irritating so I avoid them now.

So, you can see that my eyes are rather dark to start off with, but you can see in the next picture that after using my eye cream they instantly improve! After moisturising, use a lilac concealer, this neutralises the brown in the eye area making them instantly brighter, I use SBC however NYX Cosmetics do purple concealer in many different forms for a cheaper price! After the lilac, I always apply foundation around the eyes so they match my skin.

After Foundation, I use the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer (£4.19) in Light, this is a shade that is slightly lighter than my skin tone, this really helps cover darkness, I then dab on some more concealer on any areas that still look dark, then, powder, again, use a lighter powder to help brighten those eyes! Then to finish, go in with a gentle highlighter to give them even more of a lift.
Another step would be to use a nude or white eye liner on your waterline to make your eyes appear more awake and brighter!

And you're done! I hope this was useful and this will help any issue you may have with dark under eyes!☺

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