Wednesday, 25 June 2014

HUGE Birthday Haul Pt.2 - The Other Stuff...

I can't believe how far away my birthday seems now! So crazy! I feel like I'm writing these post's super late, however I've been waiting on some things being delivered hence why I've postponed it!
Instead of boring you with a big introduction I'm just gonna get straight into it!☺

 First off, my tattoos! In my wishlist I put a photo in of a hint of what my big tattoo was going to be and in case you're still wondering what it is; it's the rose from the Beauty and The Beast with a stained glass window effect in a gorgeous frame on the front of my thigh! It isn't finished yet as I'm not tough enough to sit for hours but it's coming along nicely so far! I did get a few other little ones but I'm gonna do a whole post on my tattoo's once this one is finished!☺

This was one of my favourite gifts to get! Seeing that precious blue box that every girl wishes for was such a surprise to get! My family from Australia got me this Tiffany & Co. Necklace which makes it extra special to me as I don't get to see them as much, it's nice that this will always make me think of them!☺♥

Another jewellery item I got was this gorgeous ring that my Nanna gave me, it was one of hers, it's real pearl which is also my birthstone! My Nanna is like my best friend & I'll definitely treasure this ring forever, it's super gorgeous & so classy, I love it!♥

Keeping with the jewellery theme, I got the top pieces from a friend (along with other bits, thanks Jen!) I love them, I've been wearing the necklace loads with collared shirts, just gives it a nice touch!
The earrings below, I bought myself from River Island (with my birthday money though!) I thought the design was gorgeous & they look 10x better in person, the only downside is that they're really heavy in your ears so I couldn't wear these for too long!

So... I kinda went a little crazy for chunky/silver/holographic shoes & got 3 different pairs, oops!
The ones at the back are platform heels with a cleated sole which were from La Moda, the middle pair are actually from Primark, they're more of an everyday shoe however I probably would wear these out aswell as I get sick of heels sometimes, lastly the front pair are from Firetrap, they're silver sparkly flat form trainers & were on sale on the USC website so I had to get them!♥

UGH, My favourite pair of shoes that I got are these A Go Go heels by Kat Von D! I know they're probably not everyone's taste but they are mine & I'm obsessed with them I just can't wait until I have an excuse to wear them with  these false nails from Little Mix's collection too cos they totally match my shoes☺ (yes I like my nails to co-ordinate with my shoes lol).

My recent obsession lately has been Dexter! So I obviously had to get the box set! If you're into crime/gore and hot guys, this is the right TV series for you! haha. I'm totally obsessed & it never fails to get me on edge! Since I took a trip into HMV to get the box set, I also has a realisation that I barely owned any Disney DVD's... so I got 5! I couldn't believe that I didn't own these already so I just got them since I had the money for them haha.

 OK, if you know me, you might know that I have a little obsession with Michael Jackson, so obviously I HAD to get Xscape, duh!♥ I've listened to this album so much since I got it, I'm just in love with this man's music! A Place With No Name has to be my favourite! Give it a listen, it's such a great album & who doesn't love a bit of MJ?!

Last but not least, I got this gorgeous 'Birthday Girl' glass from my friend Chelsey and the bottle of Jack Daniel's from my friend Emily as she knew it's my favourite - what a babe! I'm honestly shocked I haven't drank the bottle by now though!♥

There was quite a few bits & bobs that I missed out but I didn't want to make this 2 part post even longer and bore you all to death! I just wanted to share my favourite presents that I got!
I'm super grateful for everything I got & I just want to make a quick disclaimer & say that I am in no way bragging, I just know that people really enjoy reading these kind of posts & having a nosey at what people got for their birthday (as do I!)☺

Anyway thanks for reading, leave me some comments!♥
Also please let me know if there's certain products from both posts that you'd like to know more about or anything!☺


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