Friday, 23 May 2014

Braces: My Experience...

Back in May 2013 I got braces! When they did the X-ray's before hand they told me that I had short roots, meaning that if my teeth are 'pulled' too much & for too long they're more prone to falling out! And since braces kinda of pull your teeth, this meant I had to have them taken off earlier, which I was totally fine about!
I absolutely hated having my braces on, they were uncomfortable, made my mouth feel unclean and were such a pain! So as of May 14th 2014, I am brace free! YAY!♥

Instead of listing the obvious benefits & the actual feeling of braces etc, I thought I'd just show you my amazing before and after pictures!☺

This is before and about 6 months in...
As you can see, my teeth were really wonky, I know they mightn't be bad compared to other but they were still bad enough to be referred for braces! Also you can see just around 6 months of having the braces, they'd already started to straighten and look even!☺

BUT they look even better after a whole year later!♥

 I still can't believe the difference, they look so different! I'm absolutely over the moon with my results & I haven't stopped licking my teeth since (LOL!) However, having them off early meant that I then had to get a small wire fitted behind my 6 front teeth just to keep them straight since they were the most problematic! I also have a clear removable retainer which I'm supposed to wear full time for 3 months (which I must admit I haven't been doing) but I have been wearing it around the house & for bed, it just looks too silly to wear in public!

So yeah, smiling with teeth is my new favourite pose! Expect to see me grinning with my new teeth in A LOT more blog posts in the future!☺

Feel free to leave comments & ask any questions! I'll reply to all!♥


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