Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Rimmel Apocalips Lip Laquer's Review with Swatches...

Happy April! Before I start this review I just want to apologise for the lack of posts in March, things have happened, I've been busy and generally a little unmotivated, but mainly because I've been planning upcoming posts and I don't want to give away what they're going to be about but let's just say, I can't actually write just yet as I'm still experimenting ;-)

Anyway... Onto the subject! I bought my first Rimmel Apocalips sometime last year and I've been a tad obsessed with them since, I now own 6... Oops!

(From Left to Right) Across The Universe, Stellar, Apocaliptic, Luna, Stargazer and Light Year

Across The Universe:

This shade is a gorgeous dark, rich red that probably suits some more than others, I sometimes wear just this with a red lip liner or I'll dab it over a red lipstick to darken it up a bit and give it a glossy look.


The colour of this is hard to describe as it's a mix between red, pink and orange in my opinion, kind of like a dark yet bright coral (if that's even possible?). It is a rather daring shade so if you're into bright, edgy colours, this will probably be your perfect summer shade!☺


I think this is the most 'famous' shade from the Apocalips range - It's the one Kate Moss wears on the adverts! Also judging by the name I'm assuming that it's kind of 'the face of the range'. It's a really pretty pink, personally, it's not for me as I never wear pinks unless they're really light but if you're a big pink lipstick fan, this is definitely for you!


Now, this is my favourite shade out of them all, it's a lovely soft peachy colour which is literally perfect for spring/summer, I think it suits my skin tone quite well and I have used this quite a lot & I will continue to use it until it runs out - then I'll buy another! Love Love LOVE!♥


I'm not sure if this was an American exclusive as I can't find this on any UK website, but I actually got this from the Make Up Stall in the Metrocentre (if you're from the North East you'll probably know what stall I'm talking about) so I'm sorry if you can't find this! But I really love this shade, it's a sheer, sparkly nude which looks so good over a nude or brown lipstick or even just on it own, it will probably suit you best if you have a medium to dark skin tones so I'd probably stay away from this if you're pale.

Light Year:

Again, I got this off the Make Up Stall so more apologies if you can't get a hold of this! However I'm not a massive fan of this shade anyway, it looks better in the bottle than it did on my lips, I love a good brown lip but I just think this is a tad dark for me!

Overall, I really love the Apocalips range from Rimmel, they're definitely one of the best products that Rimmel have ever brought out. The formulation of them are so gorgeous, they feel super soft & moisturising on your lips and even though they give off such a glossy look they definitely are not sticky at all, but most of all, I love how vibrant the colours all are, they are so so so perfect.
If you haven't tried these yet then I really recommend you do, they're around £5-£6 - depending on the shop you go to, they're really worth the money and even if you don't like them, they aren't a big investment to lose out on anyway!

Feel free to leave any comments☺


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