Thursday, 6 March 2014

Sheer Cover Studio Review...

I got the chance to take part in Sheer Cover Studio's 'Make It Mineral/Makeup Tox' challenge, I was asked to give up all of my everyday make up products & use only Sheer Cover Studio for one week to see if they can convert me to a mineral make up lover; I have to say, they've done a pretty good job!☺

If you're a bit of a night owl like me then you've probably saw the Sheer Cover Studio adverts when all the channels are just playing teleshopping, I saw them numerous amounts of times and always kind of thought 'yeah right, I bet it's not that good' HOWEVER I was proven totally wrong as I have fell in love with these products! So keep on scrolling & I'll go into more details...

My first impressions were good as this was the package I received, which I immediately ripped open in excitement when the post man dropped it off. The packaging on these products are really plain & simple - which I really like! 

There were 3 brushes included in my box which are designed to work with the 3 face products. First of all, I really like the design & feel of the brushes, the bristles aren't too hard nor too soft. The concealer brush is the one I've enjoyed using the most, this really is the perfect brush for concealer, the size is perfect & it just blends so nicely! 

This perfect product is the Conceal & Brighten Trio in Light/Medium, I love this! It has to be my favourite out of all the products I received, the shades of the concealers really match my skin well, the coverage is amazing considering it feels so light, it blends perfectly & you don't need to use much as a little goes a long way, what more could you ask for? Also, the brightener works so perfectly with the concealers, it adds that extra 'lift' your face needs. Overall love love LOVE this trio!♥

Next is the Perfect Shade Mineral Foundation in Medium, I've never used a mineral foundation before so I was really unsure at first, it is perfect if you have oily skin but if you've got dry skin STAY AWAY, I have combination skin so my cheeks & nose didn't really love this although my oily forehead, chin & top lip loved it, I also mixed this with a light loose powder as it was just a tiny bit too dark for me, but I still tried it on it's own. Even though I liked this product a lot, I think I would just use this as a powder for when I need high coverage as it just doesn't work too well with my skin type!

Ahhh, now these Sun-kissed Bronzing Minerals are just so nice, the bronzer's really do their job well, the darker shade is perfect for a stronger contour & the lighter shade is perfect for a weaker everyday contour as well as an all-over bronzer, nevertheless they even work perfectly blended together! The highlighter isn't too shimmer or anything & is perfect for a subtle daytime highlight!☺

Sheer Cover Studio Lengthening Mascara in Black
Sheer Cover Studio Lash Extending Fibres
When I opened my box & saw 2 mascara tubes I was really confused, never mind when I actually opened the tube for the Lash Extending Fibres as it basically looks like cotton wool stuck to a mascara wand, I have never seen anything like this duo before! So how it work is you apply 1 thin coat of the Lash Extending Mascara then immediately apply the Lash Extending Fibres, I then would do my bottom lashes, then apply 1-2 coats of the mascara over the top.

This was the result! I also gave the mascara a go on it's own without using the fibres but it just wasn't the same as these fibres are just so brilliant! I'm not sure exactly how they work but they are fab! This is now my favourite daytime mascara duo!☺

 I actually had a reaaaaally bad hormonal break out the day I started my 'Make Up Tox' (typical!) so I was going to postpone this week challenge but considering I wanted to test the coverage of these products I just thought, why not try them when my skin is a mess & see if they really do work wonders...

Verdict: Yep! Make up magic! I couldn't believe how good the coverage was seeing as though it feels like you barely have any make up on! The only thing I want to criticise about them is that even though the coverage is good it doesn't really disguise redness so much, I still had to use my life saving green concealer underneath, other than that I cannot fault these Sheer Cover Studio products at all!

I apologise for the variety in lighting & the quality of my photos through-out but anyhow, these are a few looks I did throughout the week, I kept them natural since I haven't actually done much this week. 
Since it was a 'mineral challenge' I wanted to keep the mineral theme going in conjunction so I have been using Bare Minerals eye shadows on my eyelids & on my brows, as for blush I had been using a Maybelline Mineral Powder Blush that I bought years ago, as for lips, I didn't have any mineral products for them so I'm just been using natural shades.

I've really enjoyed my little challenge and I can't thank Sheer Cover Studio enough for sending me these products, I am so happy I got to try them out!

Check them out and @SheerCoverUK on Twitter!